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Mohair Dyes
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Keep your offcuts for experimenting.

Mohair does not have to be white to dye. Try dying mohair coloured mohair but remember the start colour will affect the results

Odds and ends of different colours or lengths can be colour coordinated or dyed the same colour if a darker dye is used.

Dye an offcut at the same time and keep a record of your timing and amounts of dye used.

Take advantage of special offers using dyes one piece of mohair can create a variety of colourful bears.

Dye some mohair used for dolls hair at the same time and give your teddy a hairstyle.

Dye feathers or lace at the same time to colour co-ordinate your teddy.

Try dyeing the material used for making teddies pads to get a coordinated look.

Add a few drops of dye assist to the dye mixture which will allow you to use less dye or work at a lower temperature.

If the water is still cloudy when you have achieved the desired colour do not throw away left over dye; save it in an airtight container and use it next time or heat and paint on to achieve other effects on sewn up bears.

These dyes can also be used overnight to dye cold but the colours will be lighter 

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