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Noses, mouths & teeth
Hair Extensions
Mohair Dyes
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Special Effects
Dyeing the tips
If you use very long mohair it can be tip-dyed by holding the backing material with a pair of tongs and just lowering the ends into the dye. Also by pulling up a few 'tufts' of the mohair and saturating with hand cream or hair conditioner, this will delay the uptake of dye in these areas and can give a streaked effect.
Dyeing just the backing
Another effect is to put a small amount of dye in the bottom of a large pan and gently lower the mohair, backing first, dying the backing a dark colour and leave most of the mohair undyed
Dip Dyeing Teddies

To stop parts sinking into the dye attach a strong thread to the top of each arm, leg and his body, wet all but face pieces in warm water and squeeze gently.

Dissolve 2ml of first colour (about half a level teaspoon) into an inch of hand hot water (not boiling) – test colour with off-cut adding a little more dye if necessary.

Lower legs,  tummy then arms, so that the bottom half  only is  two thirds are immersed in dye.
 Tie string ends to pan handles as in picture. When water starts clearing carefully remove mohair from water and add a further
second colour and stir to dissolve
Shorten strings so only the last third each piece will be immersed and lower bear pieces back into dye. Also immerse ears and tail in dye this time.
After dyeing rinse pieces thoroughly in warm water; adding fabric conditioner as desired. 
Gently towel dry then allow parts to dry flat naturally. 
If you rinse the pieces between dyeing and change the water in the pan you can make bolder colour changes
On larger teddies also try  tie-dyeing for unusual effects
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