Quince and Periwinkle

Made from top quality Schulte mohair these beautiful  bears are soft and cuddly and uniquely hand dyed 

Size a little over 12  ins
Materials STF quality luxurious Schulte Mohair. The trade mark Woodland Teddies Hand moulded leather nose, suede pads and hand painted glass eyes some also have eyelids.
Filling Sack of glass beads and another containing steel shot in tummy, Plastic pellets and glass beads in feet - pads are pre-lined and padded with polyester. Polyester in remainder of body and limbs
Joints Nut and bolt throughout

Each bear is uniquely hand dyed in two or more shades to give the lovely movement of colour u through the bear - no two bears will be exactly the same. Soft needle sculpted muzzle and airbrushing  accentuates each bearies eyes 
All Woodland Teddies have a small tail

Choose from Quince Blond with shades of natural greens filtering up through his body (left in picture) and brown hand painted eyes.
Periwinkle Soft sea blue with purples and sky blues filtering up through her body. She also has blue sparkling eyes and royal blue eyelids (right in picture)
Tequila Sunrise  With beautiful reds replaced by a glowing orange that gently turns a soft warm apricot bear this bear captures all the colours of a Latin tequila sunrise
other Suggest what you would like and I will make it for you

©Dip Dyed Copyright Woodland Teddies, Loughborough 2010    

All the animals displayed on this website were designed and created for collectors. They include small parts and traditional components that are unsuitable for anyone under 14 years old.