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Golden Teddy English Mohair

Gold Bear

This beautiful golden English Mohair has an approximately 30mm dense golden pile on a self coloured cotton backing.

It is perfect for 12 inch plus traditional teddies, in fact my very first bear Amelia Bearheart (shown below) who is 13 inches tall, was made using an earlier version of the same mohair.

I bought a 2nd metre of this much more recently and made 2 more bears but now I want to make fantasy animals so I have a large piece of this left measuring 100cm by 75cm (39 inches by 30 inches) at the shortest end or 100cm x 97cm (39 inches by 38) at the longest making it larger than a fat 1/2 metre either way so great for anyone making traditional bears..

This was always quite an expensive mohair I paid £60 for half a metre in the 90's and the nearest available equivalent today costs £225.98 a metre but instead of wanting £113 for this remaining piece it can be yours for just £70.
The price doesn't include shipping so that will need to be added unless you want to pick it up personally